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The Wisdom of an Elder with Annie Spencer

Episode Summary

In this episode, I talk to the brilliant Annie Spencer about her vast life experience of going against the grain of her generation and becoming a more earth connected and spiritual human. Annie shares her experience in creating powerful Rites of Passage. We also talk about how it is to move into Elderhood in a culture that does not value or seek the wisdom from Elders and we discuss what is needed to make the transition to a more deeply connected, regenerative and healthy culture. Drawing on her experience of humanistic psychology and Ecopsychology as well as working with traditional native American teachings and with renowned Mayan ceremonialist, Martine Prechtel, Annie talks about how she developed her strong sense place and being and the relationship to her land, Britain.

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ANNIE SPENCER, a ceremonialist and workshop leader with an Oxford MA and a diploma in Humanistic Psychology, has been running groups and trainings for over 25 years.  Having been apprenticed in a Native American tradition and studied Guatemalan Mayan teachings, Annie weaves these with the traditions of her land Britain.  As a teacher, Annie opens pathways for others – illuminating their life’s journeys.  Her primary interest is the renewal of ancient ceremonial forms for creating a path of beauty upon Grandmother Earth.