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Creating and Understanding Meaning with Sal Gencarelle

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In this episode, I have my second discussion for the Connection Matters podcast with one of my long term teachers Sal Gencarelle of the Helpers Mentoring Society. In another vibrant conversation, we talk about creating and understanding meaning in these challenging times and what 'responsibility' really means. We also discuss how the young of today are responding to this. Sal shares more about the progress of the Bison Project, rewilding and reconnecting us to the ancient ways in modern times. We also talk about a helpful understanding of consciousness and the multiple parts of this that make up the whole healthy, balanced and happy human being.

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Salvatore has 30 years of mentoring and delivery of nature-based therapies and wellness practices. He has expert knowledge and experience in both ancient indigenous and modern therapies. His focus is on techniques which increase well-being for individuals, families, and communities. He has created a codified therapeutic method drawn from experiences and knowledge. Salvatore has designed and taught over sixteen courses based on this methodology and has presented these courses and seminars in 12 countries, to over 27 different cultures.Salvatore Gencarelle is the founder and current director of Helpers Mentoring Society, an international organization dedicated to supporting the revitalization of humanity’s relationship with hope and purpose, so that all life thrives.