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Bringing It Home with Sky Buitenhuis

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In this episode Leona and Sky have a beautiful conversation discovering meaningful synchronicities in their life paths and in the deep connection journeys they both find themselves on. From a healthy connection to nature as children, they both set out in life, purpose-driven, to search for understanding and healing for the apparent disconnection sickness of our times. Both find themselves guided towards the quest of creating community healing and wholeness. They discuss the very personal journey of gathering the basket of skills needed for the many layers of healing, deepening and returning home to ourselves. A very soothing and inspiring episode. Perfect for people who have had a healing connection in nature and want to bring that to others.

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Sky- Maria Buitenhuis has extensive experience supporting people to deepen their connection to nature, including our own inner nature as part of the larger natural landscape. She is the co-founder of GIFT (Global Institute of Forest Therapy) and the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. Aswell as designing and directing the organizations training programs, she has personally trained and mentored 100s of people to follow their passions of becoming forest therapy guides. She is currently the co-host for the Bringing it Home program, a yearlong journey of deep nature connection and culture repair based on the 8 Shields model.

As a nature connection guide, she draws on her trainings as a Work-That-Re-Connects (as founded by Joanna Macy) and an 8-Shields (a pan-cultural model for deep nature connection and cultural repair) facilitator as well as many other influences and her own on-going personal journey of remembering and embodying her most enlivened natural state of being, and continues to actively learn from indigenous cultures and wisdom-keepers,.
As a facilitator, her passion is to offer people the experience of 'coming home', that is remembering that as a human we are embedded in this complex and infinitely diverse web of life on our beautiful planet Earth. She is deeply moved and nourished by supporting and witnessing others having this embodied, innately human, experience of returning home to wholeness.

Within her nature connection work she also has a deep passion for supporting women's journeys of returning to the wisdom of their bodies through teaching fertility awareness/natural family planning and womb wellness.

Sky loves to get elemental! What makes her feel most vital is communing with the Earth in various ways, such as wild-crafting with her hands, tracking animals, wild swimming and sitting quietly and listening out on the land. She really enjoyed getting her Level 2 Track & Sign cybertracker evaluation with the San people in Namibia. She also loves to dance, to sing and catch songs, and reading and writing poetry.